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Our story


"Gandacar Consulting"  was founded in the 1980's by Gordon Baxter ( GANDACAR is a brilliant combination of his,his son's, his daughter's, and his wife's name).  For over 30 years Gordon and a small team provided software solutions to customers across the world.  All the while his business evolved with success, so did his family (son-in-law, but more importantly two grand children in the late 1990's!) He "retired" from his business in 2014 to enjoy some more restful times.

It was shortly after this when he asked his son-in-law (that would be me--Shawn Monette) to manage the product requests he continued to receive, but also grow the distributorship of products that he and his customers relied on for decades. 

So it was with this mandate the name changed slightly to Gandacar Network Solutions. Although we can still provide limited 'consulting'  we recognize our customers know what they need, they just need a supplier to who provide it on time and budget.  We are here to do that and welcome the opportunity to serve you.